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Now I Know My CBD's: E-Liquid

Hey CBD newbies out there!

When it comes to cbd vape oil, it can be difficult to know where to start. There's CBD edibles, pre-rolled cigarettes, vape juice, and more. Fortunately, vape juice could be your saving grace. All it requires is an electronic cigarette and a CBD cartridge. This can be beneficial for pre-existing smokers. The electronic cigarette will have to be bought at a vape shop, and the best CBD oils and cartridges are found at CBD-specific stores. You will take the cartridge out of the package and screw the end of it onto the electronic cigarette, and poof! Vape smoke for days. The milligram levels are usually low enough where there is no concern of having too much, too!

CBD is known to reduce anxiety, relax muscles, and sooth body aches. Another form it comes in is CBD oil. This form usually looks like an eye dropper and you use the dropper part to drip the oil under the tongue. In general, you usually should drop only 3-4 drops in your mouth at a time. This is used for immediate stress relief. It even helps stop seizures in some cases and is highly regarded by the medical community for this.

Thankfully, it also comes in many other forms if these aren't the ones for you! There are CBD bath bombs, lotions, deodorants, candies, and so much more to be discovered. Lotions are great for arthritis and body aches, bath bombs are good for a night after a long workout, and the candies are delicious.

Go explore what's out there!

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